Thursday, April 27, 2017

Final Project ArcGIS, Bobwhite-Manatee Project
The first link listed above is the link to my final project presentation PowerPoint. The second link listed above is my presentation transcript with slide by slide commentary. The initial problem that started my project, was a power company wanting to find an acceptable route for a transmission line that would cross through Manatee and Sarasota county. After evaluating over 1,700 possibly routes they narrowed it down to one that they felt would cause the least amount of damage and disturbance to the community. The goal of my project was to analyze the final transmission line path and really access how the community would be affected. In order to do so, I focused on four main goals. Goal one was to quantify the amount of environmentally sensitive lands that would be affected. Goal two was to find out the number of homes that would be impacted. Goal three was to find out if there were any schools or day care facilities that would be impacted. Goal four was to find out the length of the proposed line in order to give decision makers a better idea of how much materials would be needed, and what it would cost. In order to find out the results of my four focal points and how I accomplished them, please use the two links listed above.

Hannah Findley

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